Hi! I'm Ron Wallace.

My wife and I live in New Zealand and we have four adult children. My personal history has "before" and "after" parts: life in Adam and life in Christ. I hope yours has too!

We had migrated from the UK. Three years went by when the child we were expecting arrived early in the form of twins!

That changed everything. So as to be able to help my wife as much as possible I changed my job to evening-night work on a city newspaper.

Here I met a man I had with worked earlier. He was a different man. In the course of conversations he talked about believing and recevinig Jesus. As I questioned him his Biblical answers began convincing me.

As I passed these things on to my wife she was stirred because she had received the Lord years earlier in England.

Not long after we attended Sunday morning services with him she was restored to Him and I was saved. A great day!

We have been involved in various areas of congregational ministries including shepherding and a school aimed at educating Believers' children. For a decade I was responsible for leading an inter-denominational ministry in State schools.


"Hear Him!" - and Kingdom Inheritance Today

This website arose from questions I had after many years of being involved in church life and being involved in the Bible.

The critical point came when I was reading Matthew 17'1-9 in the NKJV.

When Jesus, Peter, James and John were "up on a high mountain" what happened with the appearance of Moses and Elijah was, of course, astounding.

But what stood out to me was the Father's sudden intervention as Peter was "still speaking". He declared: "This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. Hear Him!" As all Believers know, that means we are to listen to Him exclusively.

This made me think! What does it mean to do that?

So I began writing things down. The first was in answer to the question: What does it mean to "hear" Jesus? And that became the first New Covenant Kingdom of God message.

So, the Father's direction is the motivation behind these Kingdom Inheritance messages. Their aim is to inspire Believers to consider giving their whole-hearted attention to hearing the word of Christ afresh.

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You are welcome to judge. All comments, corrections and contributions, etc, are welcome.

Best wishes in Jesus, Ron Wallace.