Having the Bible readily available in printed and digital forms can be something that is taken for granted and make it seem ordinary. Not so! It's different.

That difference is the reason why faithful and persevering Believers in the past translated, produced and preserved it in spite of horrendous persecutions and difficulties.

And why did they go through all that? Because it's the only living and powerful Word of God. And all true Believers are thankful to them!


The word bible comes from the Greek word biblia, meaning "books". They form a library like no other; one that brings man into contact with his Creator.

Quotes are made from it, usually unknowingly, in unbelievers' conversations. Its general influence on the world is still felt, though also often unknowingly.  

The Bible, from Genesis 1'1 to Revelation 22'21, conveys understandings of the truths of creational, spiritual, historical, prophetical and more.     


In His earthly ministry, Jesus was preparing His Disciples for the New Covenant and Kingdom to come with the Holy Spirit's arrival.

He told His disciples that, after He had ascended, the Holy Spirit would come and guide them into all truth (John 16'13). That began after His arrival on the Day of Pentecost.

As kingdom scribes they recorded the earthly life and ministry of the Lord (commonly called the "gospels") and the lives of His People (the "letters") and The Revelation.

Together the Gospels, the Letters and The Revelation comprise the New Testament.


The two-fold Bible of Old Testament Scriptures and New Testament Scriptures is interlinked, interdependent and united.

It is what Paul was referring to when he spoke to the Elders of the Ephesian Believers:

"I have not shunned to declare to you the whole counsel of God (Acts 20'27).

And it is counsel that does not change:

"God, determining to show more abundantly to the heirs of promise the immutability of His counsel ..." Hebrews 6'17.

Note that God's counsel is "to the heirs of promise". The plural "heirs" indicates that God's counsel is to be read in the context of a Believer being part of a local Body of Christ.

Be wary of any individual, or group, who claim to know the whole counsel of God exclusively. Be suspicious if someone offers to seek God's will on your behalf. Don't accept!

Or if any such individual or group claims to be led by the Spirit into all truth. They are out of order.

The Spirit led God's chosen scribes in the years following. Now His Ekklesia, and the world, have the New Covenant-Testament.


Today a new Believer is faced with a number of Bible translations and paraphrases. It should be remembered that authors of paraphrases do have biases.

Nevertheless, they can be useful at times for giving an every day English rendering.

The New King James translation (published by Thomas Nelson) is used for these Kingdom Inheritance Today messages. 

It states that the New Testament is "based on the traditional text of the Greek-speaking churches". The translation method is a straightforward method called "essentially literal".

Being set out in verse form, the NKJ is easier to memories for most Believers which is very worthwhile.