The way a person approaches the Bible makes all the difference to understanding it. That's because each person has a disposition in their approach to it. Everybody's disposition is made up of the preconceptions that they have adopted. In this case, in approaching the Bible.

So a Believer's disposition to the word of Christ makes all the difference to their growth in Him.

Interestingly, there's a certain church service in which a churchman leads a procession while holding the Bible above his head. Obviously a symbolic gesture. It appeared to symbolise at least these two things:

That the Bible is the Word of God and is above all other "words", and

that the man standing under it is submitted to it. 

And it is these presuppositions that make up the disposition for a Believer approaching the Bible. It's a disposition of honour, open mindedness, acceptance and humble submission to it. Summed up, it is simply to stand under it.

Those with other presuppositions have dispositions that are opposite. Their stand over approaches to the Bible are likely to produce stand over conclusions. They arise out of ignorance, inaccuracy or distortion. Hence, misquoting the Bible is common.

There are also those who profess to believe in Christ and yet have presuppositions that produce a stand over disposition. In their approach to God's word they hold various unBiblical teachings. These may come from church traditions, theological viewpoints, academic or so-called "scientific" teachings.

"Where are they coming from?" In any conversation it is important to keep this question in mind. Put another way, "What is their background?" Finding that out, in a friendly way, can be helpful in discovering a person's disposition.

But this conversation is much more than finding out about a person's disposition. Whoever it may be, everyone has a background. And usually, a person will talk about their past quite readily.

So this conversation is first and foremost heart talk and listening ministry. Believers should be ready to hear things and notice things - and offer to pray with them.


In the Old Testament, God's people of faith approached the Scriptures with this godly stand under disposition (see Hebrews 11).

Jesus revealed His godly disposition throughout His earthly ministry (Matthew 1'1 to Acts 1'8). Later on Paul, Peter, John and the other New Covenant scribes did the same.

Consequently, they knew that:

"Scripture ... never came by the will of man, but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit," 2 Peter 1'21.

"All Scripture is given by inspiration of God," 2 Timothy 3'16.

"... faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God," Romans 10'17.

"By faith we understand ..." Hebrews 11'3.

Since the Holy Spirit came Christ's New Covenant Kingdom of God is displayed in the Kingdom scriptures of Acts 1'1 to Revelation 3'22 and in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.