The first-ever born-again Believers to be immersed in water were those who responded to Peter's preaching on the Day of Pentecost.

They had come to Jerusalem from different parts of the world for the Feast of Pentecost and would have been familiar with their Hebrew Bible, that is, the Old Testament.

A great noise arose from the Disciples when the Holy Spirit came and filled them. All those gathered for the Feast were shocked by it.

Peter came forward and spoke to calm them before preaching.

Because everyone had common Biblical background he knew they would understand what he was about to bring from the Scriptures.

He told them that this is not just a loud noise “But this is what was spoken by the prophet Joel".

He went on to preach, leading them to understand that Jesus was the Messiah prophesied in their Scriptures.

When he had finished, the crowd asked "Men and brethren, what shall we do?".

Peter responded: "Repent, and be immersed every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ ..." (Acts 2'37-38).

"Then those who gladly received his word were immersed ..." Acts 2'41. They were ready for immersion!


Some Believers think that this immersion should take place immediately following a person's confession of faith in Christ - as per the examples in the Book of Acts.

This idea needs thinking about.

For instance, as has been said, the first-ever Believers on the Day of Pentecost were aware of the teachings of the Hebrew Bible. And they, like many others, were adults who have adult responsibilities and accountabilities. 

Also, they knew that being immersed could likely result in serious persecution or even death for them. As it is with some Believers in various parts of the world today.

They suffer from misunderstandings and false accusations like those in Acts 17'7. In one place it was claimed that:

"... these are all acting contrary to the decrees of Caesar, saying there is another king - Jesus".