Kingdom Inheritance

What Brought You Here?


Was it "chance"? Or just curiosity? Perhaps you're looking for something different or you're disillusioned with "church". Do you feel there's more to Christianity than you're experiencing?

Maybe you are simply seeking for God.

If you are, Click on New Start? - New Life! on the menu. There you'll read about God's new life of peace and harmony with Him - and with everything else. 

Perhaps you have a painful difficulty that burdens you. Remember, Jesus Christ is still the same - today - and His love and power are available.

Do you have questions about the Bible, or about Jesus Christ?  

There are teachings here about God's life and His Kingdom inheritance for you to consider and check out in the Bible.

Please feel free to comment, question, contribute, ask for help or to just say "Hallo". Click the Get in touch button and go from there.