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The Kingdom of God



"... this Good News of the kingdom ..."

Matthew 24'14


The Kingdom of God is real. It's the greatest of all realities. Because it is past, present and future there is much that can be said about it.

Because of the primary place Jesus and the Apostles gave to it the messages on this website are about Christ's New Covenant Kingdom of God. 

The Kingdom teachings of the word of Christ are as crucial to Believers' understandings and experiences today as they were in the days of the first of Jesus' Called-Out Saints.

So, these messages hold that:

1. Disciples of Jesus are directed by the Father to "Hear Him!" exclusively because He alone is The Way, The Truth and The Life of the citizens of the Kingdom of God.

2. The Good News of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God are, jointly, God's total message. It was ordained that preaching should begin on the Day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came.

3. Acts 2'2 through to Revelation 3'22 are the primary scriptures of the Kingdom word of Christ. They present the Lord's teachings in regard to all aspects of Believers' Kingdom life and godliness.

4. God used the culture of the nation of Israel in New Testament times to provide the contextual setting for His Kingdom message (Galatians 4'4).