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"Therefore, if the Son makes you free,

you shall be free indeed,"

John 8'36.


God has not given us a spirit of fear,

but of power

and of love and of a sound mind,”

2 Timothy 1'7.


Why do some Believers find themselves feeling that they are in strange spiritual trouble? Is it possible to be captive to certain unwanted "things" and "feelings" - and even feel helpless against them?

These unwanted disturbances cause much concern and self-questioning. What can be the cause? Is it sin? Could it be demon possession? And freedom seems to be impossible.

So, is freedom possible? Yes it is! Freedom is God's will for His Children. If any sort of "strange" thing is troubling you today, you can be freed from it today.

Through "deliverance" many Believers have been freed after having had very troubling and disturbing experiences.


Deliverance, or "the ministry of deliverance", came about because conventional Bible counselling did not bring freedom. It could only leave the distress of the Believers as troubling as before.

Because of the success that followed "deliverance" sessions, it came to be perceived by some as a cure for almost every problem which brought it into some disrepute.

Nevertheless, some "deliverances" were troublesome in themselves and bordered on being chaotic. Things such as holding a writhing person down, shouting at "demons" to come out or name themselves, them answering back had to be endured.

Of course, the dishevelled Believer would be on the receiving end. This kind of "deliverance" definitely did not honour God.

Deliverance counselling must be based in the New Covenant otherwise it's likely to be ineffective and more distressing.

It is important for success that all other avenues of loving counselling have been ministered.

This message is based in Christ's the New Covenant Kingdom teachings. Not surprisingly, the enemy is opposed to it.

His way is to introduce contrary thoughts into the troubled person's mind in order to hinder success.

It could be that a reader who goes through it in a receptive frame of mind may find that at some stage the affliction has gone and freedom has come.

If so, make sure to give thanks to our Father for His wonderful mercy, grace and freedom.