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Kingdom Holiness



"Be not conformed but ..."

"Be holy, for I am holy"

"in the world" - "not of the world"


The word holiness of the New Testament is not infrequently referred to as godliness.

This is perhaps not surprising because, as with many of the things of God, they are closely associated. Nevertheless, they are different to each other.

Being holy and being godly are not two ways of referring to the same thing.

Broadly speaking, holiness is living differently (in harmony with the word of Christ) and godliness is being alive to God (living in the awareness of God). (See Kingdom Godliness on the Menu.)

The significance is that holiness is the product of godliness which meant that it only becomes evident when the godliness is acted on.

(It should be acknowledged that the Holy Spirit is involved in a Believer's godliness and holiness through their conscience.)

The difference between the two is highlighted in Peter's question:

"... what manner of persons ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness (?)" 2 Peter 3'11.

Obviously he is not just repeating something for emphasis.