Kingdom meditation is one of the ways our Father meets us personally. And it can happen anywhere, anytime. By meditating we put ourselves in a place where the Holy Spirit is able to speak.

It requires no set time, ritual, no songs, no actions, no charms, no special mantras or forms of words. But meditating in a place where distractions cannot interrupt is preferable.

Believers know from Hebrews 4'12 that the word of God is "living and powerful" and is "a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart".

Meditating on the word of Christ can surprise, be refreshing, or challenging, or give experiences of the Lord's spirit and life.


The Lord also works in a similar way to meditating at certain times of reading His word. The Holy Spirit moves to make the reader unusually alive and powerfully impressed in some way.

Note: Sometimes a Believer describes this as "God quickened His word to me". But it is actually the other way round!

In addition, meditation may relate specifically to a spiritual concern.