The question, "Is there the need for the manifestation of the Holy Spirit's gifts today?" may be asked. Surely, the point is that if those first Believers needed them in their day, are today's Believers different? 

Who doesn't need to hear a word of wisdom at times of decision making or confusion?

Or a word of knowledge that reveals that God knows the difficult situation, giving hope to solve it.

Or who some specific faith that gives confidence to take a certain otherwise daunting step?

Or to see and receive healings from God through another Believer?

Or to receive the working of miracles?

Or hear an upbuilding prophecy and see the discerning of spirits at work to keep the Believers safe.

Or hear different kinds of tongues and to be inspired by the ministry of the interpretation of those tongues?

Out of God's abundant grace the "... manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of all". 

Everyone benefits!