"Let all things be done decently and in order" urges 1 Corinthians 14'40. This does not mean dry and dead! It means upbuilding, comforting, exciting and powerfully effective. All carried in God's love to the glory of God.

The responsibility for this lies with the Eldership. Their oversight is to ensure that conduct and ministries are acceptable to God.

In addition, gatherings must be places of safety, both spiritual as well as natural safety. This means responsible persons should be overseeing.

This is like caring as brothers and sisters, not acting like uniformed security guards.

Alongside this, experienced the combined ministry of Elders and Wives make a partnership who would be able to cover the breadth of ministry needed.

They could exercise helpful, loving ministry and, most of all, balanced authority to address unacceptable behaviours, words, songs, etc.

God's People can feel assured by wise, gentle, discreet and timely actions where needed.

The Believers' spiritual enemy is always seeking openings for his evil wiles especially in Christ-centred gatherings. He must not be allowed to use a weak person or an outsider to be disruptive.


Paul, was a fully involved member, singing and praying "with the spirit and with the understanding". At the same time he would have provided godly, spiritual oversight as part of the Eldership.