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The Way


Living The Jesus' Life


"... if he found any who were of the Way,

whether men or women,

he might bring them bound to Jerusalem,"

Acts 9'1-2.


Men and women "of the Way"! Written by Luke and inspired by the Holy Spirit, the words above make clear that the men and women who followed Jesus were people "of the Way".

Of course, Believers know Jesus as The Way and The Truth and The Life (John 14'6) and that He preached, taught and lived God's Kingdom life.

The New Testament shows that His earthly lifestyle and ministry depicts Him as:

The Way of the Kingdom,

The Truth of the Kingdom and

The Life of the Kingdom.

He was the first human being to express the Father's Kingdom. Through His New Covenant the Holy Spirit was, and still is, given to Christ's Called-Out Ones to do the same.

Like Him, these Believers as they expressed the Kingdom in their everday lives, reflected to all (particularly to the principalities and powers of darkness) the same Kingdom desire that Jesus had: to glorify the heavenly Father.

He demonstrated the example of being the first citizen of the Kingdom of God.