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The Way


They "... explained to him the way of God more accurately,"

Acts 18'26.


"... if he found any who were of the Way,

whether men or women,

he might bring them bound to Jerusalem,"

Acts 9'1-2.


The words above show how wide the teachings of Christ and the Kingdom had spread. The men and women who followed Jesus were people "of the Way".

Believers know Jesus well as The Way, The Truth, The Life (John 14'6) and that He preached, taught and lived God's Kingdom life.

He referred to the reality of the Kingdom of God and demonstrated it in the form of the Father's Kingdom. And the Father sent the Holy Spirit to Christ's Called-Out Ones for them to do the same.

The People of The Way express the Kingdom in everyday life, demonstrating it to all (particularly to the principalities and powers of darkness!). Like their Lord they desire to glorify their heavenly Father.

Jesus gave the lead. He took the position of being the first citizen of the Kingdom of God.