However, there are those who object to the origin of any thing, from the universe to the human and the incomprehensible complex order of every thing, being credited to a creator.

Objectors reckon that every thing began by chance.

Regarding life, this random chance event is supposed to have happened when a combination of chemicals came together, cohered and became a living "thing".

And, by chance, this non-creation is said to have begun replicating itself. "It" eventually produced all that can be seen in living nature all around the world today.

That's what is reckoned. The fact is that a chemical entity cannot produce. And neither can it reproduce itself.

For those who claim otherwise many questions like these arise:

How can life be intentionally produced now?

Why hasn't life been intentionally produced from chemicals by now?

Why and how did this entity decide to divide itself into male and female? 

The impossibility of these things is self-evident.