All of nature is spectacular. Miraculous happenings take place every day. And it's amazing, because life miracles require a unique combination in order to reproduce life.

Procreation begins with the separate entities of Male and Female and requires a unique and independently-made contribution from each.

Obviously, the contributors must meet each other in order to achieve that. And the two contributions must interact purposefully to be effective.

When the interaction is completed, conception is achieved and procreation begins. This happening calls for a series of miracles.

All of nature's happenings raise a multitude of questions, such as: What is it that causes males and females to seek each other out for the happening in the first place? How did each independently-made contribution become viable?

Most of natures happenings seem to be successful in spite of a high level of difficulties that have to be overcome. Just think of salmon swimming upstream against the rapids.


Being mobile, animals are able to move towards each other. Nevertheless, for the males and females to move purposefully towards each other to procreate, motivation is needed (another story!).

But stationary plants are different, obviously. For the male/female contributors to meet to procreate, serious third party assistance is required.

Everwhere that assistance is provided by specific intervening agencies. The amazing thing is that these agencies assist in total ignorance.

The obvious examples of "ignorant third agencies" are Bees as they collect  honey, become coated with pollen and carry it from one plant to another.

This achieves the meeting and interactions of the contributions, by pollinating the flowers or plants and generating procreation.

Just one of the amazing aspects is the Bees' ignorance. They are working on their behalf. The critical participation of ignorant third parties in the whole marvellous process of plant reproduction can only be described as miraculous.