The phenomenon that tops the list of incredible natural happenings and miraculous processes, is procreation.

And, as every adult knows, initiating the procreation process requires the unique combining of male and female.

But another amazing thing is the unique complementary contributions that each of these two separate entities carry within themselves for the purpose.

Obviously, for the combining of their contributions to occur they must meet each other and must interact purposefully to achieve it. 

This raises big questions, both simple and complex. Like, how did each independently-made contribution actually come about in the first place?

And, how and where did this couple's individual motivation originate that they seek each other out and interact in order to combine their contributions?

Animals, birds and insects "find" each other and initiate procreation and in spite of the odds against them they usually succeed 


Many plants disperse seeds that fall on the ground which, in the course of time, achieves procreation.

But many others are different because something is necessary to intervene and assist with the crucial combining.

That assistance is not only perfectly timed but carried out by agents doing it in total ignorance.

They could be called "ignorant third parties". Prime examples are Bees. As they collect honey, becoming coated with pollen, they carry a plant's contribution to another plant.

Thus the meeting and combining interactions of the plants is achieved. However, the Bees are working on their own behalf all the time.

Birds are another example.

The critical participation of ignorant third parties is miraculous indeed.