The changes in lifestyle for each of a newly-wed couple usually involve adjustments that they are likely to find difficult to sort out, beginning with basic differences between manhood and womanhood.

Some changes are unexpected and initially hard to understand, whereas others simply need only to be acknowledged.

Nevertheless, some national or racial cultural characteristics can cause discomfort because they are expressed without thinking that they require explanation.

Differences may also arise out of the previous personal, family, religious or ungodly experiences. All require patience to clarify and sort out.

Also, there are the routine questions about common domestic things and who-does-what. Chores like cooking, dealing with rubbish, recycling, household chores, gardening, maintenance, etc, need to be discussed and decided upon.

Talking about every thing openly and in love serves to strengthen relationships. This thwarts the enemy's attempts to cause disharmony.

Ephesians 4'26-27 exhorts:

"Be angry and do not sin;

do not let the sun go down on you wrath,

nor give place to the devil".

While understandings, habits, etc, remain a challenge, remember that Jesus is Lord. And that saying "please" and "thank you", being quick to say "sorry" and asking for forgiveness bring peace and please the Lord.

A spouse should never feel that they are being taken for granted. Success lies in both showing their love and submission to each other by:

the husband learning about and lovingly fulfilling his part in being married and

the wife learning about and submissively fulfilling her part in being married.


"Let no one seek his own, but each one the other’s well-being,"

1 Corinthian 10'24.