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Kingdom Marriage, as with many other things, is all about an individual giving their word. God gave His Word. And He made covenants.

It is to be the same with His Saints, their word is their bond.

In order to be faithful to the word of Christ, Kingdom Marriage includes two covenants.

The first is the Kingdom Betrothed Covenant and the second is the Kingdom Wedding-Marriage Covenant.

The setting for making these covenants is a Gathering of the Lord's People met together to see, to hear, to witness and agree with the couple who are making them.

All the Believers present acknowledge that they stand before the Father in Jesus' name.

Any outsiders present may benefit from pertinent brief written or spoken explanations clarifying what is happening.


Jesus promised:

"... whoever confesses Me before men, him I will also confess before My Father who is in heaven," Matthew 10'32.

The couple covenant themselves to each other aloud, confessing His Lordship, committing themselves to lifelong marriage and they declare their word and love to each other.

Overseeing these two covenant ceremonies is best done by Elders and Wives overseeing and taking the parts that match their ministries.