The state of being betrothed is a specific period of association, not a trial. It means living each day in the prospect leading to the certain knowledge of a solemn pledge - a covenant promise of a "troth" (a truth).

Strong's concordance says the meaning of the Greek word for betrothed (mnesteuo - pronounced "mnace-tyoo’-o") is twofold:

 "To woo her and ask her in marriage." / "To be promised in marriage. Be betrothed."

Although marriages in Israel were arranged, it also seems that wooing is a main activity involved in being betrothed.

But it is wooing with the aim of making a pledge to marry with the man taking the initiative. And he is also expected to propose.

How does this take place! Presumably, there is no formula, except that the behaviour is in line with the word of Christ.

Presumably the couple's understanding of what being betrothed is and the ceremony of making a Betrothed-Married Covenant would be well established in their thinking.

In the days of Joseph and Mary the period of being betrothed was one year. It goes without saying that couples need to aware of the wiles of the enemy and his temptations.


It may be that the person who is making an approach to woo is unacceptable to the other one. It's then that the difficulty of having to discourage the other person arises.

This conversation should take place early and in a respectful manner. It's important for the godly relationship between them as brother and sister in Christ should be preserved.

It may be that the couple's mutual desire to marry hardly needs to be expressed verbally to each other.

However, when the couple have decided to make a Kingdom Betrothed Covenant they are responsible to share their intention with some important others.

With their Parents and their Elders involved the announcement and the covenant-making ceremony can be made.


Throughout this process an experienced godly married couple could be prepared to advise, counsel or mentor the newly-betrothed ones. 

If necessary this couple could talk with the betrothed couple's parents about any concerns they may have and explain what the Kingdom Betrothed-Married Covenant means if necessary.

If either of the betrothed couple has no living close relatives, other mature Believers who they are close to could substitute for them.