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Individuals of various backgrounds attend wedding ceremonies and celebrations. Most are unfamiliar with godly wedding ceremonies and celebrations. A good order of ceremony and celebration could help.

However, things such as contributions by guests, spoken, sung or acted or other things could emerge that are likely to tarnish it, spoiling the precious memories of the occasion.

A well thought-out Order of Ceremony and Celebration could present in some simple expectations. Such an order could be something worth keeping.


There are some things worth considering:

1. Guests. All kinds of individuals attend weddings. There may be Believers who are at various levels of maturity or others with particular beliefs or who do not believe.

Differences should not alter what is said, sung or preached. But as much as possible all present should be able to understand what is spoken although they may not agree with it.

A simple explanation at the beginning, a few brief relevant remarks from time to time or a brief, clear printed explanation in the Order of Ceremony and Celebration could help make "outside" guests feel comfortable.


2. Words. Humour, in its various forms, can be funny and acceptable. But beware, things can quickly become unfunny, embarrassing, rude or ungodly, etc. And sometimes "humour" can be hurtful, not the least to wives or mothers-in-law.

Words that are unsuitable or irrelevant are found in some songs, hymns or even preached. The couple and other participants could do some sifting in advance so that what is spoken, sung, etc, is clean and acceptable (holy and godly).

Words on a screen that are out of sync with the song being sung due to bad timing. It's essential to success that words appear in time to sing without hesitation. Words out of order or even missed out can produce awkward moments.

And the opportunity to sing godly songs is missed.

Words must be easy to read. Most people feel more comfortable holding a printed sheet of the words of songs, hymns, or any words they are expected to repeat out loud.


3. Other general things. Sometimes things are included in wedding ceremonies, unintentionally or otherwise, that are out of harmony with Christ.

Such things as superstitions, various traditions, "nice" but unholy worldly customs or lucky/unlucky charms, are thought of as acceptable but are not.

Some "church" traditions, rites and ideas detract from the centrality of Jesus and His Kingdom teachings.

A common one is the idea of the couple having an exclusive first communion together as newly-weds. This completely out of God's order.

Scripturally, communion is a ceremony for the Body of Christ, according to the Lord, because it is especially for remembering the His death and examining ourselves.

It is not a kind of bonding activity for a newly-married couple.

Another point is that it leaves those present just looking on feeling redundant and uncomfortable - both unbelievers and Believers.