The goal of Kingdom Parents is to raise their children in the "training and admonition of the Lord". They shepherd them, counselling them as they grow, all the time being examples of Kingdom life to them.

But realising that a child is a child, and as such has limited understandings, can easily be overestimated by parents and by others who are relatives or simply critical onlookers.

Obviously, children vary in comprehension according to their rate of development. Such things as concepts, logic, Biblical requirements and spiritual truths, etc, begin to enter their understanding around the onset of adolescence.

Careful thought needs to be given to the level of some parental expectations. They may very well be beyond a particular child's ability (Biblical truths included) .

A parent's expectation of a child's progress and understanding may, in fact, be unreasonable. This could be due to lack of experience, ignorance or a blind strict attitude.

Paul seemed to state the obvious when he said these words:

"When I was a child,

I spoke as a child,

I understood as a child,

I thought as a child," 1 Corinthians 13'11.

There it is, children are children, growing and developing - in what they speak, in what they understand and in what they think. There are those who need to realise that.