Jesus Christ's

New Covenant Kingdom of God

Hi! I'm Ron Wallace. There's a lot preached and taught about the Kingdom of God. But most of it doesn't seem to relate to it in the way the New Testament does.

And that's in spite of the Lord's command to His followers to seek it - first.

And there's a wonderful blessing that comes with the Kingdom of God. It's the Believer's New Covenant Kingdom Inheritance.

A lot is said about that too. Nevertheless, not all of what is said and written harmonises with the New Covenant understandings of it.

So, is the Kingdom of God future? Is it present? Does it have to be claimed? Does a Believer have to ask for it? Or something else ... ? Can we find out?

The studies listed on this page, then, aim to emphasise the powerful understandings of Christ's New Covenant Kingdom of God and the Believer's Kingdom Inheritance found in it.


May God bless you mightily as you consider the things of Christ, His Kingdom and your Inheritance which are available to God's People through faith and by His great grace. Amen.

The Kingdom of God TODAY

Part One



Jesus said,

"This Good News of the Kingdom will be preached in all the world

as a witness to all the nations,

and then the end will come,"

Matthew 24'14.


"The kingdom of God is ...

... righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

For he who serves Christ in these things

is acceptable to God and approved by men,"

Romans 14'17-18.


After the giving of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost the whole counsel of the Kingdom of God and Christ began to be taught to, and practised, by those who had received Christ. (See The Way on the Menu.)

But what is the situation regarding the teaching of God's Kingdom today? What do Believers know about it?

What is a Believer's personal relationship to it? And what is the relationship of God's People, the Body of Christ, to it?


The words authority, power, kingship, dominion and rule all go to describe the essence of what a kingdom is.

To Believers living in democratically-run countries, the depth of the meaning of such words may elude them.

But there are people who live in the harsh reality of kingdom or totalitarian government at this moment.

In New Testament times life was like that. Every day citizens felt that harsh reality. And it was that reality into which the Lord came preaching the Good News of the God's Kingdom. 

The Kingdom of God (aka the Kingdom of Heaven) is to be the reality for those who have received Christ.

In fact, it is so beneficial that one of the first directions Jesus gave was that His followers should seek it.

He also gave guidance as to seeing it and entering it.