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"Let all things be done decently and in order" urges 1 Corinthians 14'40. Who would not want to be part of a meeting of the Corinthian, or Ephesian, Believers and find out?

If Paul's direction was in place it would be upbuilding, comforting, exciting and powerful. It would be carried on in God's love to the glory of God the Father.

Elders would play a big part in this. The oversight of a lively Eldership would ensure that conduct and ministries are acceptable to God.

They would oversee Believers' safety, both spiritual as well as natural. The experienced ministry of Elders and Wives could provide a partnership who would be able to cover the breadth of ministry needed.

They could exercise helpful, loving ministry and, most of all, balanced authority to address unacceptable behaviours, words, songs, etc.

God's People would feel assured by their wise, gentle, discreet and timely actions when needed.

One thing is certain. The Believers' spiritual enemy is always looking for openings for his deceitful tricks!