The Greek noun baptisma translates to submersion or immersion, which makes "immersion" the straight translation.

Its verb, baptizo (bap-tid-zo), means to immerse or to submerge (Strong's concordance).

It is obvious that the act of immersing/submersing calls for water deep enough to cover a person  completely.

Clearly, "baptism" is not immersion - and immersion is not "baptism"!

The title of this third principle of the elementary oracles of God, "the teaching of immersions" is important in the fist place because it is plural.

The writer of the letter to the Hebrew Believers has indicated that he has taught them about multiple immersions, not just one.

That shows that understanding, and experiencing, these immersions is important to our heavenly Father. And, of course, more so to His Children.

As spiritual understandings they are powerful, critical and crucial.

There are four Kingdom immersions:

Immersion into the Body of Christ. This is the work of the Holy Spirit. Only He can do it.

Immersion in Water. This is for the person who has received Christ who understands the salvation truths of His death and resurrection on their behalf.

Immersion in the Holy Spirit. This immersion occurs when God gives the Holy Spirit to a Believer, in Jesus' name. Jesus said that the giving of the Spirit is the promise of the Father.

"The immersion I am immersed with". Jesus spoke of this as a real possibility. Perhaps it could be called "His" immersion. 

For these Believers each one of these immersions is part of their everyday understandings and practise.

Each is in harmony with the teachings of the Acts 2'1 to Revelation 3'22 New Covenant Kingdom scriptures. 

Matthew 1'1 to John 21'25 contain basic references to immersions. (Note, those performed by John and the Lord's Disciples are not included, being before the Day of Pentecost.)


Immersions are foundational to Believers for spiritual growth. And they are crucial to being a full member of the Body of Christ.


Prayer. Thank you, Father, for the grace and power of the Holy Spirit that abounds through immersions.

In Jesus' name. Amen.