(delivered from the power of darkness)


"Therefore, if the Son makes you free,

you shall be free indeed,"

John 8'36.


“God has not given us a spirit of fear,

but of power and of love

and of a sound mind,”

2 Timothy 1'7.


What is deliverance? That's a question some Believers find themselves asking when they feel they are in strange spiritual troubles.

Having unwanted experiences and feeling helpless against their power causes much concern.

They also cause much self-questioning about what could the cause be. Have I sinned? Am I really saved? Could it be demon possession? Worse still, freedom seems to be impossible.

But is freedom possible? Yes, it is absolutely possible! Being free is God's will for His People.

Anything that is robbing you of your peace or joy today can be removed in Jesus' name.

This freeing experience is commonly called   deliverance. Many Believers have been freed after having had troubling and disturbing experiences.

Believers should know that deliverance is not casting out demons. That is exorcism, and it is a ministry to unbelievers.

In fact, freedom may happen simply by reading through this message with a receptive frame of mind. It could be that at some stage the affliction had gone.


How did deliverance come about? It came about because conventional counselling was unsuccessful in helping those who were known to be sincere and diligent followers of Jesus but were, or had become, spiritually troubled.

Deliverance was successful. So much so that, to some, it became the answer for almost every problem. This brought "the ministry of deliverance", as it came to be called, into some disrepute.

On the other hand, some deliverance times were troublesome even chaotic with loud commands for evil spirits to come out, name themselves, demons "manifesting" and other distractions.

These sessions, so-called "ministry", do not honour our heavenly Father. Let's remember, because this ministry is based in the word of Christ the enemy is opposed to it.


It is important that scriptural counselling always precedes deliverance  .    For a Believer who has been discipled according to New Covenant Kingdom teachings, deliverance should be unnecessary.