Jesus Christ's

New Covenant Kingdom of God

And Every Believer's Inheritance

Hi! I'm Ron Wallace.

Tap "Kingdom of God" into Google and you could be there a long time! But Jesus, and John the Baptist, had said it "was at hand" many many years ago.

He also said "this good news" would be preached to all nations as a witness and the end will come. In saying that He places the Kingdom in the context of His New Covenant.

Looking through results of Kingdom searches over time, none refer to the Lord's words, saying that unless you are born again you can't see it. And He added that to enter it you have to be born of water and the Spirit.

The thing is, Jesus said to seek it. He also said "seek and you shall find". Who wants to see the Kingdom of God? Who wants to enter it? Is there still the need to seek it?

So, all the articles on this website are to do with Christ's New Covenant Kingdom of God which, in His many-sided wisdom, God created for His People.